Naughty List

Yan "Cecilia"

Yan “Cecilia”

Instructor / Pirate

Trained by Joe Young as a fitness Instructor. Cecelia is also a professional bellydancer with 5 years of dance experience, and 3 years of performance experience. She is a residential dancer for Alhambra Palace Restaurant and Live Entertainment, and a member of Read My Hips Dance Company. Cecelia has gained influence from several different types of instructors. Her unique background allows her specializes and combine dance with traditional fitness conditioning to create unique workout routines. Cecelia focuses on muscle strengthening, endurance, and flexibility.

Lacey Whitaker

Instructor / Pirate

Trained by Joe Young but yet to Graduate. Certified 200 hour Yoga Instructor. Not certified in Pilates but has hopes and dreams of attending any dance school. She generally requires you to clap for her “performance” at the end of each class.



Jillian Schiavi took her first yoga class five years ago, and has been continuously inspired ever since. After receiving her undergraduate degree from New York University in 2008, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga to the People (rys) in 2010. In her teaching, as in her life, she exudes positive energy with a passion for sharing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga. She moved to Chicago in August of 2010 with the intention of bringing that vision to others. Since that time, she’s received her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the city’s most inspiring instructors, yogis and artists. In her eyes, yoga should be available to anyone and everyone who wants to experience greatness and genuine possibility in their lives, and she believes that through teaching, she is able to further her own as well as others’ understanding of the practice each and every day.


Olivia “chemical ally” Mcgee Lintz

Instructor / Pirate

Trained by Joe Young but yet to graduate. Formally with Creative Motion Chicago. Olivia’s passion in life has always been dance…ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, african and hip hop. Technically trained in dance for 6 years, she started dancing professionally at 18 for the Peoria Arena Football League and the Peoria Tazwood Dance Company. Next, Olivia moved to Chicago to study dance at Columbia College Chicago where she discovered a new found passion for teaching fitness. Olivia dances professionally for the Chicago Steam and is a full time instructor. Olivia’s goal is to make each one of her students find their inner dancer and leave class feeling sleezy and powerful. Olivia teaches other Pirates.


Mugshot / Melanie Windland

Mugshot / Melanie Windland


Melanie K. “I robbed your place and blew a cop with Lacey and Dale Grande”  Windland


Melanie is a Zumba Basic I Fitness instructor.  She has been teaching dance classes in Chicago since September of 2010 and teaching fitness classes since October of 2011.  She is classically trained in Ballet, Jazz and Hip-Hop dance styles.   She earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Dance Performance.  Melanie has a strong passion for Zumba and enjoys sharing her positive energy with others.