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Sleeping with the fishes in Riverwest and Rivernorth

In Motion Yoga Riverwest was hit by the Italian mob and now again makes a lot of money off towing your cars in Riverwest. In Motion Yoga Riverwest was my first yoga studio 821 W Superior St, Chicago IL 60642. Riverwest and Rivernorth are both high-end designer neighborhoods located on the edge of downtown Chicago, demographics are young professionals in the high 6 figure incomes, mostly residential with light commercial, law offices. Residents stay until they start having babies, than move to the suburbs.  I sold my 4 bedroom home on the Westside, Harding and Chicago Ave (GD Neighborhood) to pay for the costs of construction and business opening costs. Nobody came to the studio for the first couple months after opening, I couldn’t give away classes. Fun marketing trick, you have to charge people or they wont come. Once I had the parking handled and ran deals worked out with Groupon for the 30 for 30 than did business change quickly. I leased the space next door 823 Superior and every class had a line around the block at half hour intervals. Now double in size and with parking. This was a perfect location tucked away on the Chicago River directly across Groupon Headquarters in Rivernorth. Groupon execs were among my first customers, groupon employees lined up the studio back than. The Neighborhood is quiet tree  lined with high end condos on the west side of the river and corporate on the east of the river. Behind the studio at  is the famous green st. where a warehouse building is located owned by Perillo Motors. Cameras line every entrance and all the street angles. The building is located on the southeast corner of Green and Huron st, it is in ok shape but not up to par cosmetically for the neighborhood on the exterior of the building.

Chicago business depends on parking , if you have free parking for your customers your business will explode. I searched for a parking lot  for the yoga studio directly after opening once I was aware what was going on around me. I noticed the warehouse across green st at the back of In Motion studio had an unused parking lot that the neighborhood was constantly getting towed in by Lincoln Towing. Around the warehouse there are always men working on the property maintaining and cleaning during working hours. I walked to the building and found one of the workers and asked him to have his boss contact the yoga studio across the street. That is the day I met Sam Destefeno. Sam walked in my studio, about 6’4 220 lbs, always dressed in designer suits, x5 bmw, never stops talking. Sam is the guy that has a story for everything. I knew who I was dealing with,  Sam laughed” I am always looking behind me in a restaurant”. When we met that day, Sam and I walked over to the lot  i was interested in leasing and he showed me the building. Inside the warehouse were Rolls Royce vehicles packed wall to wall . Sam says to me, ” You are looking at the largest collection of Rolls Royce in the Country.” I came to terms with Sam on the parking and our relationship started from there. I paid the fee for the entire neighborhood as well as my customers.

I later came to Sam when I needed construction done on my In Motion Yoga Lakeview studio. Sam agreed to handle the construction and finance the deal at a fixed interest rate, I think the construction cost me about 24k at 2k a month. The crew that maintains the green st warehouse went over to project manage in lakeview and they hired crews specific to the job from there. They gutted 5 offices from the former law office and opened it up, built a new office for me overlooking Belmont st and 2 new changing rooms as well as  a complete paint job.

Sam loves “the girls” more than any man I have ever met in my life, he once admitted to me that it was his biggest weakness. I hired Lacey Whitaker as a yoga teacher about a year into my Riverwest operation. Lacey was not the most popular teacher, exactly in the middle as far as numbers but she had a good work ethic. When I opened the Lakeview studio I promoted Lacey to manage the instructors schedules at both studios and introduced her to be a liaison for Sam. When Lacey made a move to steal the lakeview studio Sam made a move to help her take control of the Riverwest studio. I did not allow it.

Sam is in connection with Lincoln Towing and profits from it, Lincoln towing came, put up a sign overnight and just started towing my customers and the neighborhoods cars while I was current and paid on the lease. I tore the signs down the minute Lincoln and crews put them up. Those signs were never there. I took my ladder out, walked across the way, set it up in front of the cameras or anyone and pried that sign off daily, the second they put it up, in front of them. I protected that neighborhood and my business from them with everything i had. Took photos of the space without any signs and collected dozens of them.

I called a meeting with Sam at my Studio. Sam and I still had business all over the place and he held my construction drawings for downtown Chicago project. The Lasalle group wanted the drawings for approval, we were on a contractual time schedule. Sam came into my office extorting me for money right away in order for me to get my drawings back. A full set of drawings can cost in excess of 10k and Sam knew that I would not have time to recreate them. He did not own them in any way but he had control of them. Sam threatened my life. I picked him up, threw him on the ground and held my fist up to take him down. He didn’t fight back and complained of his back. I backed off of him and he put out his arm and asked me to help him up. I grabbed him helped him up and walked him out of the studio. Before this happened I proposed hiring Sams crew to project manage the construction downtown and he had the drawings so he could put a bid on the project. The drawings came from the firm, Juro Development around the corner of the proposed 10,000 sq ft downtown studio project located on the 2nd floor of 1 N Lassalle st.

After some mishaps with the first architect, the famous Anthony Juro in his age personally took control and smoothly handled the project management. Tony in his age talks slow but you listen to every morsel as it comes.  Tonys firm drew out the place and expeditiously handled the permits. I picked  up the drawings and delivered them personally in the rain to Perillo Motors. I now needed these drawings back to hire another crew and is why i called the meetings. The second meeting was on Sams territory, i walked into Perrillo bmw on Clark st in Lincoln Park and asked for Sam Desteffeno. The front desk secretary made a call and sent me to an Sams office located on the second floor. I walked into his office and searched it, construction drawings were stacked everywhere. I went thru the piles with Sam watching, all he said was the drawings are not there. I never found the drawings and Sam never gave them up. When I didn’t find them he walked me to the elevator and stared me down as I hit the button  and waited for the elevator to open and go back to first floor to leave.

I had a meeting the next day with the management of the New York based investment firm, The Lassalle Group and mb real estate at 1 N Lassale, Chicago Il. The meeting was to go over and approve construction plans, they wanted the physical large drawings. I fought to the teeth to get them but ultimately Sam backed up the contractual time frame. I showed up to the meeting with 12 x 8 drawings, it was not sufficient to appease the banks and a future meeting was scheduled.

Periillo, Sam and Lincoln continued to illegally tow the cars that were under my protection as soon as I left the place. This infuriated me and cost me a reputation in the community as well as thousands of dollars in reimbursements to teachers and studio clients. I fought for the Riverwest community as long as i could. Sam and Perrillo Motors takes advantage of everyone in that neighborhood and continue to do it to this day.  The studio remained open and under my control for about another 6 months. The plumbing mysteriously flooded the place and I had to temporarily shut down to repair the buckling floors, I closed the studio down about a month into construction. I had a studio coming up with union construction costs in downtown Chicago and Milwaukee  and managed 2 studios in Lakeview at the time. I had to cut my losses with Riverwest. The mob was bleeding me dry and could not control the parking situation anymore without having to sit at Riverwest office physically guarding the neighborhood. I fought them with everything I had but my time grew thin and ultimately had to walk away. The mob continue to thrive off reaping neighborhoods and small business to this day. They still tow your cars in Riverwest and neighborhoods like it, now you know who is involved. It looked like I was doing it and profiting from it but it was not me, I did everything I could for as long as i could to protect you. Continue to fight them and happy hunting.


Be Well


Joe Young

Free speech is alive and well

but that is about it. We can bitch all we want. I want to thank the court system for doing a stand-up job. While I was falsely incarcerated at the cook county  jail people came for me. I wrote my letters and made my phone calls. The Enterprise Company on Chicagos Northside was among the first to move on me noticeable to me on the outside. Enterprise and the court sent me notification of the intentions by signature. Enterprise was requesting to the courts that my website be removed. I was not allowed to go to the hearing but a letter from the court after the hearing held up my right to free speech. The court denied the request for my website to be taken down. My website was hacked after this, not sure of exact date yet, evidence temporarily removed. I am hoping there was not police involvement, they have the keys to the kingdom. There is no way possible my confiscated brand new apple computer was thrown away in Lakeview PD. None the less the site isn’t what it used to be prior to my false convictions, I have backups all over the Web and Country of everything I have ever done. It is a timely process that I cannot involve myself with at this time. I have restored what I could.

for your information… Joe Young and In Motion Yoga are well known in India and Bangladesh for fucking people up,  last year I took down hundreds of computer related criminals. Among other hacking crimes all were involved with back-end seo projects. In the end I tracked there money flowing from an insurance company. They wont move on me, I know too much and I wiped out their whole project..  tick tock, tick tock.

Appreciation to my Government from a Yoga Master

Joe Young


The New York Times

The New York Times

The New York Times

Joe Young



The New Way, how to fuck people up for money

People are getting worse to each other for the sake of profit. Why should it be acceptable to fuck peoples lives up for money? This attitude spreads fast through the courts, through business, family in all aspects of life. People screw people over all day long. I want to propose a new way. Lets flip this around. Do not fuck people up until they pull the trigger. It comes down to a situation like this. you are staring at your… opponent, partner, colleague, whatever in the eye and you are trying to figure out if they are going to do the right thing. I propose to not be the first one to pull the trigger, play on the up and up all the way. In every deal, it is possible for everyone involved in the situation to win – win. Give the person the benefit of the doubt. Most often than not that person will probably do the right thing. Hopefully!  When you do get screwed over…and you will take it at some point. Take the party down all the way and everyone involved, money, life, everything. At all costs. I know this will cause a good trend. People will think more about making that move if they knew the consequences. You will only have to do it once in your life. Once you set the example you are free and clear to move about your business without fear of getting fucked up. Get paid and happy hunting.


Be Well

Joe Young

Prison Journal Part 3


I assumed I would be set free quickly after my arrest and turning myself in. Judge Calbrese knows who I am and I gave him the benefit of the doubt to enable closure to these legal matters. I wanted to get to the bottom of these charges. Not one shred of evidence did the prosecution ever have on me. They should have never have been able to hold me nor have an arrest warrant out for me. Once my evidence online was brought down by hackers after my arrest than did the prosecution come up with a new charge with what they thought was evidence. I trusted the system. I wanted to so bad, I wanted Judge Calabrese to do the right thing. I turned his first offer down to plead guilty and committed to a trial by jury. The judge said it would be by law within 7 days and transferred the case to another courthouse. that 7 days never came, the case was postponed by prosecution 3 times. On the 4th time 75 days later. Scott Finger comes back to the holding cell at courtdate and says he is ordering that the case be postponed again. I had had enough at that point and my health was fading fast. The jail put me down all the way in a unit called rtu. This unit is designed to kill inmates and sedate them into complying. I truly was close to death at this point. I told Scott Finger to bring me the papers that I would sign anything he wanted to get me out of jail today. Scott Finger came  back 5 minutes and said I apologize Joe, I have read everything about you and I know you didn’t do this and he slipped the papers thru the door. I signed them and was released within 15 days, pleading guilty to 2 charges, dropping 3 others.


Prison Journal Part 1

& Part 2 being added 6-14-2015 and 6-15-2015

Joe Young





This is a Journal I kept up and with me while in Cook County Jail serving time for something I did not do. I kept the Journal hidden in a ripped out bible and brought it with me rolled up in my sock everywhere I went. At one point I was raided and had a hit put on my by the guards, all my personal papers stolen. I was confined during the raid, when I reacted I was put down hard. I came at them with everything I had. I rocked that whole prison, the guard / sheriff taking me downstairs threatened to put a gun to my head. I did not think I was going to make it out alive.

Following the Journal will be a story, these are the characters and my daily notes. While reading notes and story, please keep in mind the high intensity of emotion necessary to defeat the situation. I tested the courts, the system and took over my area of the prison. I went in as an animal. .To gain control of a prison is very simple. People will let you do it, the inmates wanted me to do it. You would be surprised how structure is craved by the inmates in a setting that is uncontrollable to them. The support is easy part.  The challenge of it is the holding it up in your mind, being aware of everything going on around you. Hard to explain but to do it you actually have to hold it up in your head. For instance, if I was walking the floor. I would know that John was at the end of the bunk and he is working on the lessons i taught him so stay away from there. I would know the cobras are in the bathroom planning out the next shipment of contraband. I would know the guards on shift and what can be done and what couldn’t be done. I took over when i first arrived at the prison. I gave up control after about a month.  Mentally it was a challenge and it was taking a toll on my body. Nobody could tell my body was falling apart but me. I publicly practiced yoga daily and gave lessons, everything you do is public, I looked strong with what I COULD DO with my body but I knew if i took a hit in the wrong place i was thru. On a few occasions I had to stand up and put people down right away, it can if done improperly require brute force. My mistake when I gave up control was the inmates acting up against the (my) rules(no public singing in the dorm) were new that day. They were not yet aware that I was in control of the prison. The new inmates (samajay of the maniac crew) begun to rap and i stood up in my bed from reading and called them out. I should have not resorted to violence at that point. A better move would have been to make a move on his other gang members (gds) who would be aware of the situation. This would have prevented a physical altercation, ultimately removing me from power. A white guy in prison , nor anyone fights one on one, it is done in groups. One on One fighting does not exist at all. Prior to Jailing my motto was to never physically fight with my body, unfortunately as an animal that is not possible. I bowed out and went to segregation and pc to heal up. I came out a month later after rehabbing myself, body in good order, and just went with the flow.

Upon release after 90 days I went to the arresting police station  Lakeview Police department to pick up my property. The arresting officers guaranteed my property would be safe if I left it with them at the department rather than go with me to the jail. I gave the cops my equipment. I gave everything away as I said I would in my blog in Dec before my arrest a week later. My apple computer and camera where I wrote and published my websites, 2 cellphones, my passport, corporate banking papers and $400 cash. The Lakeview police department sent me to a holding facility where I was informed everything I owned was thrown away after 60 days.

On Dec 22nd 2014, I bought expensive clothes on Lincoln Rd, left everything I owned in Miami, boarded a plane to Chicago, landed and immediately took a cab to 1057 Belmont st where I staged a peaceful sitin at my Yoga store In Lakeview, Yoga for the People Inc to turn myself in for something I did not do.  Upon being release I left the jail with $48 and the clothes on my back, even my shoes were gone, I had state sandals. I had nothing else to my name, no where to go and no family. I made it out but it was not an easy task.


Carrera: Sherrif Guard

Walked my downstairs and threatened to put a gun to my head. I went insane on him and everyone in sight after that. at least 6 guards came gunning for me downstairs. Everyone knew who I was, especially the sheriffs. Everywhere I went, every guard I passed had a comment for me. One after the other. Eventually I begun to attack them right away. They bring it on themselves. I was known to every guard in the prison before i arrived. It surprised me, I would receive a comment from every guard that passed me. It was like football practice where all your teammates line up on two sides and the player has to run thru with the ball. I was that ball from day one. It set the tone for the whole experience.


Mentally people are at there limits, they needed help with mindcontrol. Anger, emotions and thoughts are circular, If you have three or four things going on in your life those 3 or 4 thoughts are going to circulate thru over and over again.  One of the first people I helped out was a man named Sam. Sam found me, I never noticed him in the corner and he came up to me one day and said ” I am very impressed at how you conduct yourself here” and asked me questions on meditation and yoga. I got that alot from people, most of the people that needed help presented themselves in this way. Sams wife was having an affair and the man was supposedly beating her and Sam was somehow in jail because of this. When you said “whats going on sam”,… everytime he would say, “nothing im going to kill that motherfucker”, all day everyday to everyone. I dug a bit deaper with sam when I decided I was tired of hearing say “im going to kill that motherfucker”. So I looked into him a bit more and found he had a couple kids and his biggest dream was to complete his school so he can put his kids thru college. He said that would really piss her off. either way he meant well.The First thing I  did was tell Sam to clear his mind completely and pace the floor. anytime he had any thought he was to push it out. I told him to do this an hour everyday for a few days and than come back and talk with me.

Sam did this right away and was eager to learn. he came back a couple days later and I told him to walk the floor again for an hour, clear his mind and come talk with me. I than sat him down at a table and explained the concepts of meditation. I asked him to pick a mantra. A mantra is a word or small phrase to repeat to yourself over and over again to bring you back to a primary focus, Cingular thought. Sam sat at that table and did this until I stopped him about 30 minutes into it. I went about my business and looked over at him, his face kept grimacing over and over again. I knew what he picked as a mantra at that point and stopped the exercise. He confirmed he chose his wife. We changed the pattern to something positive and he went on very successful. Sam transformed completely right there, he never said i am going to kill that motherfucker ever again.

I lost track of Sam when I had to transfer to another unit. The last lesson I gave him was to focus on one main goal, it can be very powerful. Everytime he had any problem in life to think of him putting his kids through college. Think backwards from that point and you will have the answer to your problem everytime.   Sam was a pretty tolerable guy after clearing his head from his problems allowed him to think normally again. This is a widespread problem throughout the prison. None of them will move on in life until they can clear out the anger that got them there .


Inmate: Sean  Boyle

Sean Boyle Landscaping

cellie in dorm 2

3rd drunk driving


Inmate: Brian Pierson (aka g*d)



Inmate: Codey Best

man i met unit 2 dorm 2 p house. In for miner infractions. We talked for one day before he was moved to another unit. He was one of the few intellectuals i ran into, enjoyed his conversation

cell 630 418 9293

773 816 9293

InMate: Maurse wants to be a fitness instructor

Inmate: Avery

Baby Moma number 708 513 7721

I was in seg and a man from the second tier above threw something down on me while i was eating, it got on me and my food. I went into the shower. and screamed. My name is Joe Young and ill kill everyone you know motherfucker, its going to be a blackout… a blackout means everyone in your family. I yelled this again and again until my voice was hoarse, the man who did it hid and would not present himself. yelled anyone tells me who this man is and I will help them. I was informed the mans name was Rockwell.


On my momma.. on mamomma


Public Defender: Scott Finger / Refer to card he gave me

Law office of the Cook County Public Defender

555 W Harrsion St., Chicago, IL 60607

312 325 9400

fax 312 325 9430


Inmate: Samajay Hyles

He is a G.D. Gangster Disciple part of the Maniac Crew running Logan square area up as far and past Pulaski St. Samajay is one of the 3 guys I took to the bathroom to fight… Took one in the restroom, the rest of the gang came in behind me, I held them off with a warrior 2 on both sides of me. The gang wanted control of the unit, I currently held it on my shoulders. They took over the unit when I was transferred out that evening. I was later locked down with Samajay in segregation, we fought again but this time one on one, after the fight I stole everything he owned.

Samajay Contact: Monique 4346 W Maypole #5, Chicago IL

Hunbolt Park JJ Samajay 4210 Augusta, 60651

Darshena Galloway – Maniac Crew

Cassidy Chalet:

Public defender at the Belmont st courthouse. She is not an honest person. Cassidy is at her job to hurt people.

Phsyc social worker / Gary

I asked him to get me to PC, he blew me off and told me to tell a white shirt.

Dr Yu – Did not give a flying f… about his job. I did not want treatment from him. Told him not to check me out.

Guard Sheriff – white shirt

Threatened to take my anxiety medication away from me. I told him. “No you wont, you do not want to go to war with me”. He told me to get the fuck out of his face. I walked away.


Inmate: Jeremy Miller

inmate # 20150114036

nickname Kapone

facebook Jeremy Ambroini

708 374 5125

 William Sibley

cellie in pc, he bugged out

11-5-93 birthday

Rico Miguel Inmate #20130908110

religious catholic, was my next cellie in pc

birthday 12-13-1992

Ricos best friend

Nadine Cardinas

2429 S Troy, Chicago IL 60623

April Almaraz

2245 w 30th st suite s3 60623

Ana & Jesus Navarro – Brother

2521 S. St Louis, Chicago IL 60623

Ricos Pastor

Kolbe House

2434 S California Ave, Chicago IL

Cabrini Law Center

Was a law center located around the corner from my first yoga studio in Riverwest. I assumed they would help me with my case because I was local and I had helped their employees before. I was turned away by them.

740 N Milwaukee, Chicago IL 60642

312 738 2452


Sergeant / white shirt / controls unit 6 sgt Jones

sgt jones “gave me a pardon” I was thrown into the hole 1k for demanding to receive my medication. (I prescribed myself anxiety and sleep pills when i arrived at the prison— I had to pull some strings). Sgt Jones sent me back to my unit.


Went to nurse after several yellow slips and an inmate complaint. Nurse checked my blood pressure, she stated i have the blood pressure of a teenager 155 over 55. I am eating too much now, sick i ate so much. I gave a private yoga lesson to Rico my cellmate, our first session.

I met a guy who wants me to bail him out when i get out his bail is 25k, he promises me 30k that he has stashed at his girlfriends mothers house. He is reluctant to give me any information on his brothers and family. He will also do “work for me in exchange for his release”


I wrote scott finger pd at harrison and requested the charges be dropped and attempted murder charged to lacey whitaker


was pulled to go to cyrmak , that is the place to see health professionals. we were placed in the wrong holding cell. sat inside the unit with 5 others and 1 guy – girl on timeout. i meditated and ran an experiment. One person got mad at me, the others all fucked me up afterward one at a time. for 2 hours. the last five minutes i told them welcome to jail bitches, they all stopped immediately. we never saw the doctor that day, we were called back to go back to our unit.


Sherriff Luna

Makes the nurse wait for him while he lets out inmates one at a time. This is my last day of Segregation 20th – 25th, I am sleeping well with new sleep meds



Went to court at Belmont and Western. Cassidy offered me 90 days with 45 days good time, dropping half the charges asking me to face trespassing charges if i pled guilty. I immediately turned the offer down even though I would have gotten out in a couple of days. After I turned her down she suggested I take trial by jury over trial by Judge, I say ok to this advice. while in court with judge callabrese she asked judge callabrese to put a continence and leave the battery and electronic harassment in his courtroom. Calabrese denied this request and sent all 4 cases over to 555 w harrison. I was told that i would have a right to a speedy trial within 7 days and the judge ordered the case for 7 days out.


William Sibley – my new cellie, white guy, blonde hair, as he says ..hazel eyes like the moonlight,  gay, wants to be a tranny,


Sgt Jackson

let bottom deck,,, my deck out of day room. I stayed in my cell than afterward announces barbershop a once a month experience. He refused to let me out of cell. My nails are overgrown and starting to curl over. I begin to tear off my nails, i keep the nails and later use them as floss for my teeth. Disgusting yes but either is no access to floss, my teeth and gums bleed but later begin to heal in a great way.


Met social worker Ms Scott. Very cruel fat black lady. I sent out a letter asking…


The sheriff put me out there real bad. I turned the slip in to complain about not going out to barber, they are supposed to hand those in. Instead he put it out in the window display for 3 days, i finally grabbed it so i wouldn’t get fucked up. The whole staff begun to lock me down at inappropriate times.


Transferred our of division 6, protective custody at my request. I am transferred back into division 2 dorm 2 r house. I have been off meds for about a week, starting to feel myself again


Both orders of commissary went thru. Everyone in the joint stopped what they were doing and watched me walk with my order. I didn’t realize the effect. having food is like having rims in the hood, People just think you are the shit. Everyone in the place wanted to be my  friend at that point, was the most annoying thing that ever happened.

The deal is the inmates are all starving. All of them. The portions of food are so extremely small and most of the time in really bad shape. to survive in jail you need money or to hustle like crazy to buy commissary. Commissary is food that can be bought at enormous markups. Mostly crap food you can buy in a convenience stores at three to four times the markup. Someone is making a huge profit off making inmates very hungry. Society is judged on how they treat their down trodden. We can do a lot better than this people. There is no reason for people to be starving. Society is in the business of throwing away people. Bad people they definitely are. These people know you threw them away, they know you starve them. Now your going to let them out and expect them to be decent to you. They are going to continue to aim for your heads. For now until Chicago wakes up, send money to your family or loved one who may be behind bars.


Kapones birthday today, he is 33, we are quickly becoming friends. I put in some food so he could eat well. People take the prison food and make meals with commissary


Unit w, 2 dorm 2

a new guy comes in, mid 30s, he starts sagging his pants past his ass, several inmates take que and start to do the same. Fucked up day for everyone else. This old school gangster shit needs to be corrected.


Zamudio gave me a prison tattoo with a staple at the end of a pen dipping it in ink. ” The pen is mightier than the sword”. I have many stories about this guy, we are enemies.


was moved to rtu psych unit a couple days after provoking a fight with the psych doctor over a televised visit. young woman with glasses on. in division 2 dorm 2


was dragged to courthouse Belmont and Western. Judge Calibrese released me from 1 year supervision state said they caught it too late, supervision expired 3-4-15. I was in holding with an inmate i caught trying to pick pockets on Belmont st, I followed him into circle K  where he was buying beer and yelled at him saying to leave the neighborhood immediately and never come back to Belmont ever again. He was in the holding with me and also in the same unit rtu as me, he Never stopped talking to the other inmates, not for a second… there were two shorties listening to every word he said, was the most annoying day of my life. I saw Judge Calabrese looking like a crazed mass murderer after being held with 10 guys in a 3 by 8 room for 10 hours.


I am looking at my inventory. Everything I own has a story behind how I came up with it. I fought for every little thing i have on my shelf. deodorant, cups, bowls, books, toothpaste, shoes, magazines, nobody in the place has as much as me.


Starving fight now, jail served us turned meat today, must be Sunday, meat sits around all weekend, bread is stale than watch out for the bologna. I ate it anyway out of starvation.


On that court noise


Branch 46 took a plea of 90 days no good time. Just plead guilty do not day anything like ” i am not guilty but il plead guilty or judge will put it out far on the calendar… com;y


Went to rec, fenced in upper floor, breathed air, no room to walk around with number of inmates.


Idea for

A place to complain about your lawyer. Database of good and bad attorneys.


Inmate: Steve

First met him he tried to lie to me and told me he was the owner of the old Leonas building, immediately caught him in a lie, told me if the city would give him the permits he could have 10 guys working tomorrow. He was trying to make friends with me right away. This guy always sits next to my bunk when he eats, very out of the way, he said he recognized me from the north side. He told me on the 14th of march he drank in the doorways of the businesses on Belmont st. I lost my temper and told him if id have seen him id have thrown him in the street and to get the fuck away from me. I was very protective of my girls. I was doing time with people that i kicked out, not my first incidence of this

I just finished lord of the flies. I see myself as the character who does the right thing but the mob hates


3-18-15 4pm

Television crew came to RTU unit and set up two cameras, filmed the unit. two days prior a man came to see me representing the Chicago Tribune. Pulled me aside He told me”I am here to head up questions about a story the tribune is doing regarding inmates doing excessive time for small infractions of the law”.



same nurse running dorm 2 division 2 who tried to deny me my medication.. takes her hand and wipes it across her nose and face to wipe her nose and continues to work.


Hire the best pr / marketing man in the business. For fast results email at

Help yourself, Hire Me

Hire the best pr / marketing man in the business. For fast results email at

Hire the best in the business. For fast results email

I am looking to utilize my creative energy. Help yourself – your company and hire the best in the business. I require 15k per month as a private contractor. Currently based in Downtown Chicago.

Joe Young

T: 312 415 1069


Career Focus

Promoter, Writer, PR, Advertising, Manager

Bullet Point Summary

  • Writer, short stories, essays, press releases, public relations, research reports, creativity working with large promotional companies, branding, leverage and competent researcher.
  • Strong ethical background, mind control, high level contacts with business leaders, fundraising.
  • Interviewer, hiring and training
  • High level back end promoter of individuals and companies
  • Web building and design
  • Keen to the Real Estate market, prices, location, design build, architectural drawings, city code and compliance.


Writer, Editor, Web Developer

Chicago, IL / Miami, FL / Mexico City DF — 2009 to Present

  • Owner and developer of – worldwide website to find a yoga or fitness professional, In 5 Countries and every major US city.
  • Owner and developer of, fashion website
  • Blog writer at



Yoga Studio Entreprenuer / Built, owned and operated a chain of yoga studios.

Chicago, IL — 2010-2014

  • Wrote and published promotions for #1 rated fitness studios
  • Developed contacts with city officials, promotional companies, real estate firms and business leaders.
  • Monitored my surroundings to develop selling angles
  • Developed new studios, extensive knowledge in the real estate market, location, income potential, designed layout of new studios to maximize classroom space, design build, union officials.
  • Developed a new model to do business in the Yoga industry based off price and maximizing clients, the “New Way”.
  • Managed, sole owneer and operator of several studios, In Motion Yoga LLC, Chicago School of Motion Inc and Yoga for the People Inc.
  • Trained and trainer of Yoga and Meditation, reaching master level



Young Property Management

Milwaukee, WI — 2004-2009

  • Worked with and sold contracts via Shorewest Home Services, online advertising, direct marketing and word of mouth.
  • Sales rep and go between person – “front man” between contractors and customers.
  • Business began as a way to pay for School at M.S.O. E Milwaukee School of Engineering. First 3 years hired my staff directly thru the students of MSOE.


Education & Training

B.S., Business and Computer Systems now referred to as the M.I.S. – Management Information Systems.

Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Degree — 2001-2006

Yoga and Meditation, Master Level

Yoga for the People Inc. & Inner Vision Yoga

Training 2009 to present  

  • Attended at several schools across the US
  • Meditation, Mind, Body and Yoga
  • First 2 years of training played No Limit Hold em on a professional level to pay for training, room and board.







I am back strong, bold and with a new appreciation for life. I dug deep for this story, deeper than I could have ever thought possible. I had originally set out for Social change, with exploration within and within the system of our beloved city of Chicago. The system is an ugly place, full of pain, intimidation, sorrow, hopelessness, corrupted to the core. I will tell the story only. I will tell the story without opinion and allow you the reader and those enabled to find a solution, if there is one. Please stay tuned for the culmination of Arrest Me. I am excited to write this story. If you are new to Arrest Me or if its been a while catch up and read from the beginning, start from the last page and move to the front.


Be Well

Joe Young


Crimes against higher level thinking. Change your ways, this is your last warning. I will check tomorrow.

Be Well

Joe Young