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Mexico City DF vs Arrest Me


Mexico City Vs Arrest Me

Mexico City Vs Arrest Me

Monumento A La Revolucion, beautiful monument, brittney Sprears performed live here last year. A top is a fountain where a lot of skaters and performers practice, below shown is where the teachers on never-ending strike now live in the tents.


Monumento A La Revolucion, bello monumento, brittney Sprears interpretada en directo aquí el año pasado. Una tapa es una fuente donde un montón de patinadores y artistas intérpretes o ejecutantes practican, a continuación se muestra es donde los maestros en interminable huelga ahora vivos en las tiendas.



Mexico City Vs Joe Young

Mexico City Vs Joe Young

Painting the town black

Pintando la ciudad negro





Taxi Service vs Joe Young

Taxi Service vs Joe Young

Just a helpful hint, taxi service in Mexico city charges double to anyplace leaving the airport. First get pesos at the airport  before you leave. bypass the cabs. Go to the Hilton connected via walkway from the airport, walk outside and catch a cab. Insist that he put his meter on, if he does not pull over and find another cab, no exceptions.

Don’t be afraid to just walk out of the airport, no one is going to say a word to you about anything.

These Taxi drivers are animals they eat Chicago cabs for breakfast. They don’t play, don’t get in their way. I put the hammer down as much as i can.


WhJust un Consejo útil, taxis en la ciudad de México los cargos dobles a cualquier lugar al salir del aeropuerto. Primero dan pesos en el aeropuerto antes de salir. derivación de los taxis. Ir a la Hilton conectado a través de paseo desde el aeropuerto, salir y coger un taxi. Insisten en que puso su metro, si no parar y buscar otro taxi, sin excepciones. ere para hierba

Estos taxistas son los animales que comen los taxis de Chicago para el desayuno. Ellos no juegan, no en su camino. Puse el martillo hacia abajo tanto como pueda.



Mexico City vs Arrest Me

Where to go for Herb

Where to go for herb in Mexico City DF

¿Dónde ir para hierba

This is the main strip and a park the prostitutes sit. Just a sidenote, in every major city if you want to find good herb find where the prostitutes sit than look directly behind them on the one way street that will always be the next street over. This particular part in DF of Mexico is Puento de Alvarado and Guerrero Eje 1 Poniente, Mexico City DF,  Behind these pillars there is a one way street with a building with similar (picture shown) pillars directly behind me. In the center you will find people living their, others sitting there beside them at Parroque de An Fernando, you will find that direct point on gmaps, At this point you will always find good herb, ask for moto. Give the person 50 pesos.. about 3 American dollars. He or she will pull out a handful and give it to you.  I usually go in the middle of the night.


Esta es la calle principal y un parque de que las prostitutas sentarse. Sólo una nota, en cada gran ciudad si quieres encontrar buena hierba lo harás siempre resulta en una calle de dirección única una cuadra detrás de las prostitutas. Esto es Puento de Alvarado y Guerrero Eje 1 Poniente, ciudad de México DF, detrás de estos pilares hay una una forma calle con un edificio con columnas similares (picute demostrado) directamente detrás de mí. En el centro encontrará personas que viven su, otros sentados al lado de ellos en Parroque de un Fernando, usted encontrará ese punto directo de gmaps, en este punto siempre encontrará buena hierba, pregunte por moto. Darle a la persona 50 pesos… cerca de 3 dólares americanos. Él o ella se saque un puñado y dárselo. Normalmente voy en medio de la noche.


Hotel Corinto vs Arrest Me

Hotel Corinto vs Arrest Me


Hotel Corinto

Corinto Administracion SA DE CV


Ignacio L Vallarta No24 Col. Tabacalera

Deleg Cuauhtemoc CP 06030 Mexico DF


This Hotel is a very good find. You will pay 495 pesos for single person, about 20% more for two people. Thats about $33 in todays market. This is off the strip of the main tourist about 10  blocks and a third of the price as the main strip of american hotels on Paseo de la Reforma.

The hotel has a small pool on the roof with very good sun. Rooms are small and tidy. A restaurant downstairs, solid food and the staff understands English which may be harder outside of hotel. order your eggs espanual, everything is mixed together. The laundry service is tough, comes when it wants. Just buy more clothes at market. People say to bring an empty bag when traveling so you can buy stuff. Dont bring the bag here, dont bring any clothes with you or luggage. Market is cheap, you can buy socks and underwear for the same price the laundry service charges you to =clean them. Buy a bag at market and fill it. If you dont speak good english take a paer and pencil with you. Go a day prior to buying anything and just go around and ask merchants for pricing, hand them piece of paper and pencil and ask them to right the price down. The merchants will understand no english, very rare. Once you have a grasp of the market go back the next day and make purchases like crazy. I go to market everyday. Market is a series of vendors on the street, on weekend this one has a produce market from the locals, everything is from the locals. I go to market on Puento de Alvarado every day.

Este Hotel es un hallazgo muy bueno. Pagarás 495 pesos por persona, aproximadamente el 20% más para dos personas. Eso es de $33 en mercado de hoy. Esto es de la tira del turista principal unas 10 cuadras y a un tercio del precio como la principal franja de hoteles estadounidenses en Paseo de la Reforma.

El hotel dispone de una pequeña piscina en la azotea con muy buen sol. Las habitaciones son pequeñas y ordenado. Restaurante del hotel, alimentos sólidos y el personal entiende inglés que pueden resultar más difícil fuera del hotel. ordenar tu espanual huevos, todo se mezcla juntos. El servicio de lavandería es duro, viene cuando quiere. Acabo de comprar más ropa en el mercado. La gente dice que llevar una bolsa vacía cuando se viaja así puedes comprar cosas. Dont trae la bolsa, no traer ropa contigo o equipaje. Mercado es barato, usted puede comprar calcetines y ropa interior por el mismo precio el servicio de lavandería cobra a = limpiarlos. Comprar una bolsa en el mercado y rellenarlo. Si usted no habla bien el inglés Llévate un paer y un lápiz. Pasar un día antes de comprar cualquier cosa circundar y pedir que comerciantes precios, darles un pedazo de papel y lápiz y pedirles que justo el precio abajo. Los comerciantes no comprenderá a habla inglés, muy raro. Una vez que tienes una comprensión del mercado regresa los próximo día y hacer las compras como un loco. Voy al mercado todos los días. El mercado es una serie de vendedores en la calle, en fin de semana éste tiene un mercado de productos de los lugareños, todo viene de los lugareños. Voy al mercado a Puento de Alvarado todos los días.

Coffee House Vs Arrest Me

Coffee House Vs Arrest Me

Cafe Punta del Cielo to Gran Cafe de Mexico


Cauuhtemoc 330 Cuauhtemoc, Disrito Federal Mexico

Very good cafe in the center of the Monumento A La Revolucion. I eat and drink their daily. Coffee is 25 pesos, bottled water 16 pesos. The staff understands English, some of the staff is fluent. Cafe

Muy buen café en el centro del Monumento A La revolución. Comido y bebido su diario. Café es de 25 pesos, agua embotellada 16 pesos. El personal entiende inglés, algunos miembros del personal es fluido. Cafe

Mexico City in the night

Mexico City in the night

Welcome to Chicago Motherfuckers First Midwest Bank

First Midwest Bank / Popular Bank / Banco Popular vs Arrest Me


Welcome to Chicago Motherfuckers, First Midwest Bank.

Welcome to Chicago Motherfuckers, First Midwest Bank.

Welcome to Chicago First Midwest Bank Inc / First Midwest bancorp FMBI

Dont let the Oak Creek website address fool you, this bank is not from Chicago. Midwest bank comes from Iowa. This site was changed in August 2014 when they took over a Pueto Rican bank.


How to get hooked up from the floor up continued……

If you have money at Popular Bank / Banco Popular / First Midwest Bank / First Midwest Bancorp / I suggest taking it out and finding another bank. They cannot protect your money. There is no human touch in the corporation unless it involves touching their own pockets.


Be Well


Joe Young


People think it cant happen to them, WAKE UP. Con artists are thriving in today’s society. Find a bank that has your back. I love this Country and as small as I am in it I will fight to the death or freedom to correct it. Values need to be restored.You think these things I write about don’t happen in our Country but they do… everyday, most people are not in the position to fight back after it happens. I will not be silent, I will not roll over, moving on is not an option, this is disgusting to read but swallow the whole thing. WAKE UP.

A qoute from my favorite movie Goodfellas “FUCK YOU…. Pay me”.

Popular bank has left the city all together, Midwest bank just says, we have no record of you even though it happened after the buyout, which is why they changed records to indicate a closed account before the merger. This is the craziest thing that could happen to a person. Not even sure what to do about this one but attempt to put them down all the way. I will not stop with either of these banks or any bank that will buy or merge with them in the future will inherit this debt.


This is by far the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me and by far the scariest. I am freaked out by the power that they hold over people that they would blatantly lie, change records and cheat the little people.


Popular Bank is now back in Puerto Rico

First Midwest a subsidary of First Midwest Bancorp Inc. now have branches in Chicago after the buyout of Popular bank

Also branches in Northwest Indiana and Eastern Iowa, Cook County, Zion, Waukegan, City of Crown Point, St. John Indiana, Champaign, Danville, Galesburg, Iowa Quade Cities, Davenport, Bettendorf,  Moline, East Moline

First Midwest Bancorp Inc. / FMBI is headcouarted in the Chicago Suburb of Itasca

Corporate Headquarters:

One Pierce Place Suite 1500

Itasca Il, 60143


Be Well


Joe Young


Money is not important to me, I make money like donkey kong. Lets take care of this so we can all move on.

To Address Groupon

In Motion Yoga Groupon Logo

Find your massage therapist, body worker, Yoga instructor, Pilates, Piloxing, Fitness Instructors at:
Than buy a Groupon when you find out where they are working.


Be Well

Joe Young

The enterprise companies on zillow properties vs Arrest me.

Welcome to Chicago motherfuckers!

I was thrown out of my commercial property by a dozen armed men said to be sherriffs lead by property owners the enterprisecompanies gordon cameranesi. The armed men were not in uniform nor did they show badges nor did they have marked cars. Please read the story in this blog. They did not allow me to vrab any of my property, this was a robbery.

The enterprise company advertise there property listings on zillow property listings. Do not rent or buy any of their properties, they are no better than common thugs. They hide themselves with their money and are extremely dangerous. Do not deal with them.

Thugs like Gordom do not scare me, i will not be intimidated by their tactics. I will break them financially and as legitamate business owners. After the robbery i have attempted to bargain with these animals without success. So here i go again. This is the second post on this incident which i now will take a step further. I will begin to list all the properties in which they own and will target this company and anyone who purchases the properties in the future, any companies that do business with these thugs for life. Here are the list of properties all based in Chicago Il.

Belmont apartments 608 – 614 West Belmont Ave, Chicago Il 60657 advertised on Zillow properties.

Belmont Court Apartments 3158 – 3180 N Clark St, 841 – 846 W Belmont Ave, 842 – 846 W Fletcher Chicago Il 60657

Brewery Lofts 1301 West Fletcher Chicago Il 60657

Buckingham Pews 701 West Buckingham Chicago Il 60657

Byron Lofts 3900 North Damen Ave Chicago Il 60657

Carriage House Lofts 1545 South State St

Grant Park Tower 1 / One Museum Park East 1211 South Prairie Ave

One Door West 754 – 756 West Wellington / 3005 – 3011 North Halsted Street.

Pine Grove Place II 650 – 652 West Waveland / 3707 – 3709 North. Pinegrove

1057 W Belmont Ave, Chicago Il 60657


This is the properties mananged and rented on Zillow by Gordan Cameranesi. Any companies who buy or deal with this company will inherit their debt to Arrest Me.


Be Well

Joe Young

Attention / mps / Milwaukee Public Schools and the Arizona School District and Parents of.

It is a necesary evil that I bring attention a woman named Linda Widmann. Linda is not a person that should be educating children. Do not be afraid to turn this woman over to the police if she has harmed you or your children in any way. If your child has come home with any stories of abuse or manipulation do not hesitate to first believe them and than take action. Linda abuses and manipulates children and is currently under contract for the Milwaukee Public School District. She also owns a home in Arizona with her current husband Mark Widmann. Mark is an administrator for the Phoenix school district. Their AZ address is 931 W Oriole Way Chandler AZ 85286-4475. if she flees WI do not hire her in Arizona.

Linda Widmann is my mother. Linda has used men her whole life to get ahead as well as drug money to put her thru Alverno College. At the age of 7 she brought home her first drug dealer boyfriend home named Bill Hamilton, he was a prick or I wouldnt mention his name. I have no issues with drug dealers, they provide a public service in my opinion. Her next boyfriend a coke dealer named Bill, I wont mention his last name either for the above reason, that and he was always really nice to me. Bill was a fat mob guy hiding in the car business. He later hooked Linda up with a job as a receptionist in the garbage business, two popular fronts for the mob are cars and garbage. They can move there drugs fast across state lines with cars and you can imagine what they use the garbage business for. She continued to date and idolize drug dealers my whole childhood. I started dealing drugs at the age of 16 with the help from her, she told me where and gave me the address of where to pick up 20 pounds of marijuana in Oklahoma. I drove down from Wisconson and picked up a trunkfull of marijuana with my friend craig zinda and his girlfriend whose name i dont recall. We actually got pulled over by the police with two large garbage bags packed full of marijuana while in OK. Luckily we did not get searched by the cop. My friend craig did not have a drivers license and was in placed in the back of the squad. I had a license but we needed to switch off driving so we could make good time. We were driving down a country road in the backhills of ok. We were not speeding but we saw the cop turn around at the top of the hill. We switched seats while driving and the car swerved to the other lane. The officer pzlled us over and said he saw what we did. I talked with the officer in the front seat of the squad while craig was in the back. The officer let us go and gave craigva violation go. I apologized to the officer and told him I would drive from than on back to our homes in WI. I told the officer we were on vacation and i would have to leave him in the state by himself if he wasnt released. We made it back ok. Craig is now grown up hard working family man with beautiful children and is safe and out of harms way of my family.

My first “hit” for linda was at the age of 16. She was furious with him for breaking up with her and wanted me to make him pay for messing with her. I had only met Greg Gafke (spelling of last name may be off, he was/is a child social worker in WI, a good person as i remember and definately not in the drug world… good job Linda) I had only met him a few times when he was over at our upper duplex flat in West Allis Wisconsin. He bought me my first set of weights. I had never been to his house nor met his parents. Greg lived in a duplex also in West Allis, as. I was told by Linda that Greg lived upstairs and parents lived downstairs. I have still never been at his house. I became aware. Of the situation upon the breakup of Linda and Greg. At the age of 16 my mother told me to rob greg and his family, linda informed where the money was and how to do it correctly. My girlfriend catherine at the time was a witness to the events. She gave us details such as “Greg keeps money in his books on the upper floor as well as where his parents kept money in their safe on the lower unit. The kid sent was caught in the act and sent to jail.

This is a woman who has used the system, men, children and drug money to get ahead in life. She has grown to be wealthy person and hides in the money she has made thru deception and criminal activity. Do not let your children be manipulated by her at mps milwaukee public schools. I will track her and make residents and children aware of her if she decides to run off to her home in Arizona.


Be Well,

Joe Young

Lets bring Back Slavery


Lets solve the worlds problems one at a time. Lets bring Slavery Back. Look at world history every major nation has taken over the world with the help of  slavery. just a thought would give us good leverage over China and the phillipeans, whom already use this tactic. Here is how we do it. We take theivan ass motherfuckers from the rich to the poo and white to black. No matter what, you get caught killn, thugn,  and stealn you get put in chains, feed them well and work them while living in tents with armed sharpshooters like AZ does. The system would have to change a bit to do so but wouldnt be too hard. Legalize drugs and prostitution, than stop the  money flow in the court system, change the judges duties, put a cap on court costs, cut and dry everyone pays the same price of entrance. even the playing field. The poor dont have to pay their lawyers a year salary to defend themselves against the rich. Everyone pays 500.00 in and out. The lawyers can be compensated by the slavery programs.  The judges can watch the lawyers. Leave it 100% up to the people.  Without an unbalanced system i wouldn’t feel so bad about enslavn motherfuckers.  Just a thought from a master yogi.

I will not stop until justice has been dealt. I built a company from the ground up and It was stolen with government assistance. I will not stop, this is not the United States of America when people can come into your office on camera and attempt to take your life by way of chemical attack for the sake of money. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS SO I MAY TAKE CARE OF MINE.

Dale grande of Chicago Tatoo on Belmont St, Lacey Whitaker, Melonie Windland, Olivia Mcgee Hintz will be put down. I will attack anyone who helps them in any way.


PUT CONARTISTS IN JAIL WHERE THEY BELONG. I guarantee if justice is not served they will assume they are above the law and others will be hurt. They will continue to hurt the community of Chicago. Gangsters will not reign in my country, that includes Chicago. Do your fucking jobs, they will do this over and over to people… because you let them. I will stand up as long as I am alive, kill me or do your jobs correctly. My rights of an American will not be violated, if the DEA comes at me again illegally than come locked and loaded. Take you from beyond I will.


Be Well

Joe Young